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Employee Assistance Programs International, Inc.

Helping Smart Orginizations Retain Effective Employees

EAP Intl. stands out as an independent international organization providing responsive, caring and effective human support services for Employee Assistance Programs. Our EAP and SAP services are specifically designed to support employees, managers, and the organization as a whole in attaining maximum personal and organizational performance potential. Our value to a client organization is measured by our ability to mitigate risk, enhance performance and improve the quality of the working relationships/environment. Our performance is the key to retaining business with our corporate customers. We also provide SAP - Substance Abuse Programs services. We have international providers located all over the world.
We invite you to learn more about Employee Assistance Programs International, who we are and what we offer. Find out how we deliver our EAP services and why we think you should choose our EAP to deliver employee assistance programming services to your organization.

This site uses frames. You will need a browser that supports frames to view this site. What is an EAP?
EAP stands for "Employee Assistance Program." It is a confidential, supportive package of services provided to you by your employer to assist in balancing your personal and professional life.

What kinds of issues can I call the EAP about?
Some of the issues EAP can help with include family problems, marital conflict, work-related issues, problem solving, emotional concerns and alcohol/drug problems, as well as legal and financial issues.

Your EAP provides responsive, caring and effective telephonic, face-to-face and on-line services to help balance your personal and professional life. Some of the issues EAP can help with include: