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Childcare/Eldercare Services

Horizon Retain provides one-stop access whereby the employee/dependent can access services via the Horizon Retain toll-free number. On-line services include resource libraries and easy to use self-search and assisted search capabilities.

The scope of resource and referral services offered includes:


  • Family day care homes and group homes
  • Emergency back up care
  • Care for mildly ill children
  • Nursery and/or preschools
  • Nanny/au pair
  • Summer camps
  • Before/after school programs
  • Adoption
  • Special needs

  • In-home care: medical/nursing including therapies and respite care
  • Geriatric specialists
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Screening clinics
  • Home-based services: nutrition, Meals on Wheels, cleaning/repair
  • Inpatient services: nursing homes, respite care, intermediate care facilities, assisted living facilities, ambulatory facilities, etc.
  • Housing: retirement communities, subsidized housing
  • Transportation services
  • Older adult support services: adult day care, volunteer opportunities, support/advocacy groups, senior citizens centers
These services are included in the EAP package upon request.

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