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Critical incident or trauma may be experienced by Organizations and employees in the workplace from time to time that can affect the emotional health, morale and productivity of employees and management. Critical Incident events might range from an accidental death, murder or suicide of a co-worker, or bank robbery, to a natural disaster such as fire. All of these events can cause a great deal of emotional and physical stress in employees.

The EAP International Critical Incident / CISM Team provides a range of services to the workplace to assist your organization in managing a critical incident. Trauma Counselors may provide consultation to management, counseling support to individuals, educational information to affected workers and/or a Critical Incident Stress Debriefing. Stress management interventions assist employees and management in coping and dealing with the response/symptoms they are experiencing.

Critical Incident Stress Management Services are provided as a part of a package of employee assistance services offered by EAP International. Find out more about our Core EAP Package here.

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