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Horizon Retain

Horizon Retain has thoughtfully developed a comprehensive and responsive core EAP package that includes telephonic, face-to-face and web-based services. Our niche has evolved into engineering Horizon Retain (EAPs) that go beyond employee support. Our programs support the goals of the entire organization, with a primary focus on maximizing individual and organizational performance.

Optional Services

Horizon Retain also offers comprehensive Childcare/Eldercare Resource and Referral Services that can be fully integrated into the core EAP package. The goal of this dependent care program is to help employees and families find providers, information and resources needed to manage personal and professional responsibilities.

Specialty Products for Insurance and Affinity Groups

As a sister company to Horizon Retain, AffinityCare LLC provides comprehensive, customized personal and workplace support services for insurance companies, insurance brokers, trade associations, franchises, healthcare organizations, and other organizations looking to add value to their core services.

AffinityCare products and services enable businesses to differentiate their products from competitors, resulting in improved acquisition and retention of customers, policyholders or members. For additional information on AffinityCare products, visit the AffinityCare LLC site at, or call 1.866.467.9512.

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